3 Steps System Installation

Pro-Deck® products can be applied with rollers and brushes. The textured coat can be rolled or applied with a hopper gun. Application begins with a properly prepared deck surface.


Lay fiberglass mat over the deck surface to be coated. Work with one fiberglass strip at a time. Do not overlap the fiberglass . Butt the edges or separate by 1/8 inch apart. Cut wrinkled or creased glass mat with a razor knife or fiberglass roller in order to get it to lay flat. Be sure to cove at least 1 ½" up the wall with the fiberglass to insure complete seal if a stucco wall sits directly on top of the deck surface.

Stop fiberglass ½ inch back from all perimeter deck edges. Be sure f/g goes onto the metal flashing.

Pour FBR directly on top of the fiberglass mat and spread on deck surface, applying pressure to force FBR down into the fiberglass mat. Roll in a omni-directional, random pattern. FBR must completely saturate the mat and will dry to form a waterproof membrane which protects the substrate surface from water leaks.

FBR will cover approximately 45to 50 sq. ft. per gallon depending on the condition and type of the deck i.e. concrete, wood, etc. NOTE: Without texture f/g surface is slippery when wet. Do not walk on until textured.

FBR goes on thick as it penetrates the glass mat, completely saturating it and bonding with the orginal deck surface. When dry you should not see any white fiberglass hairs, if you do, reapply more FBR.

If you get any wrinkles or bubbles while applying FBR simply cut in a criss-cross pattern with a razor knife or fiberglass roller and press down with roller to get fiberglass to lie flat. If a bubble appears after drying, cut it out with a razor and fill the void with Pro-Pac Patching. In the case of a large area, after removing fiberglass, reglass area with FBR and patch in edges of inlaid fiberglass with Pro-Pac Patching.


Apply Pro-Pac Patch to the entire deck perimeter ( the 1/4 to ½ inch we stopped short of the deck edge with fiberglass). BE SURE to include the top of the fiberglass coved up the wall. Apply Pro-Pac to the fiberglass butted seams. Now all deck edges and fiber glass seams are treated and sealed with Pro-Pac Patching.


Mix 1 bag of aggregate mixture with 1 gallon of TBR. Mixture can be rolled (½" knapp roller ) or shot thorough a hopper gun. There are separate aggregate mixtures for rolling and shooting.

MASKING: BE SURE TO THOROUGHLY MASK ALL SURROUNDING AREAS ( walls, rails,etc.) Be especially aware of vehicles below when working on 2 nd and 3 rd story balconies or walkways. TBR mixture is almost impossible to remove from a car and can ruin its paint job. BE DETAILED IN MASKING.

Coverage: 80 to 100 sq. ft. per gallon depending on method of application.


Roll on Top Coat Resin with a 3/4" knapp roller. For best results use in the early morning or late afternoon AVOID applying in direct, hot sun to eliminate streaking. Apply over a textured surface only. Never apply over a smooth surface, will be slippery when wet. WATER TEST deck for skid resistence when completed. If slippery apply splatter coat or another top coat with sand. Contact factory for details 1-800-441-3325. ALWAYS BOX (inter-mix) all containers of top coat resin (#3) to insure a consistent color. COVERAGE 125 sq.ft. Per gallon


Hose or sweep deck as necessary. Most stains can be removed with common, mild household cleaners.


PRO-Deck® has a 10 year limited warranty. See warranty for all terms and conditions governing warranty. Warranty is only VALID when the COMPLETE PRO-Deck System is installed by a factory trained and approved applicator.

Manufacturer guarantees the quality of its product and will replace any defective materials. Manufacturer's warranty shall in no case exceed the replacement of its materials.

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