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Contractor Coatings, Inc. has manufactured specialty coatings for use by professional contractors and competent, knowledgeable, property owners since 1988.


Our decorative and protective coatings are formulated for use on all wood and concrete surfaces to waterproof, protect, and provide for a safe walking surface. Our colorful, textured coatings also add beauty and elegance to real estate and its surroundings.

PRO Deck® and TileStone products are all water-based, easy and safe to use, and ideally suited for the following applications:

With various, easy to apply texture patterns, numerous colors, and the ability to create individual tile, brick, or geometric patterns of your choosing; it's easy and fun to design and create just the look you want.

Because you are dealing "Factory Direct" with the manufacturer and will be buying some of the materials you'll need right where you live rather than having them shipped in; you will find your costs surprisingly low.

To learn more about your specific project, fill out the JOB COST ESTIMATE and e-mail it to us at prodeck@sbcglobal.net. We will give you a material price quote and a step-by-step description of the work you'll need to perform.

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