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PRO Deck® is a reinforced, multi-layered, textured coating system for exterior decks and walking surfaces. It is waterproof, skid-resistant, and has the beauty of a seamless, uniform deck covering.

PRO Deck® is recommended for new construction as well as recoating over existing surfaces to repair and refurbish them.

PRO Deck® can be applied over concrete, plywood, magnesite, diato, steel, or other deck coatings. The three-coat process is fast-drying with minimal downtime between the production stages. It will not chip, crack, peel, or flake regardless of climate, temperature, or weather conditions.

A PRO Deck® installation requires no specialized or skilled labor. The work is competently done by either men or women. It is a clean, pleasant, outdoor business working with products that are safe, non-toxic, water-based, and easy to work with. Applicators using neat, clean work habits will turn out a great looking deck every time.

Combining three applications of resin over fiberglass matting provides a deck coating that is able to expand and contract with temperature and climatic changes.

This means the product performs well in the scorching heat of Arizona and the freezing cold of Minnesota.

PRODUCT LINE PRO Deck® , Waterproof Deck Coating system

A reinforced, multi-layered water-based system for new and existing construction complete waterproof protection-10-year material warranty.

TileStone Decorative Concrete Coating System

Specialty application for tile, brick, and border patterns. It is used to upgrade and beautify concrete surfaces: patios, porches, pool decks, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, etc.

Textured Coating for Stucco

Used to beautify existing stucco surfaces - 1 or 2 step application.

Lightweight Sub-Floor Systems

An underlayment used over metal lathe, where a thermal and noise barrier is highly desirable.

Marine System

Specifically designed for boat docks and other uses in and around marinas.

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