Required Tools

The equipment costs to be properly outfitted to install PRO-Deck® are truly low. All that`s needed are common, inexpensive hand tools. The PRO-Deck® System can be installed using rollers and brushes. However, for a faster, more professional installation, a small compressor and hopper gun is recommended.

The following list are the tools you'll need and their approximate cost.

Compressor ½ hp $280.00
Hopper Gun 70.00
Hoses and Fitting 50.00
Roller handles and covers ( ½ & 3/4 inch knapp ) 30.00
Razor knife and blades 10.00
Assorted putty knives ( 2,4,8,10 inches wide ) 40.00
Assorted size paint brushes 40.00
Masking machines ( 15" paper ) 25.00
Razor Scrapers 10.00
Masking paper and tape 15.00
Drop cloths: plastic and canvas 50.00

On a shoestring, for under $100.00 you can be in business. An investment of just over $500.00 will equip you from the start.

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