surface Preparation

Surface must be structurally sound and free of all loose materials, dust, dirt, grease, oil wax, paint, fungus, etc. All contaminant material must be removed with proper cleaning sanding, etching, etc. in order to insure excellent adhesion to the original deck surface.


Wash with TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate) to thoroughly clean. Mix 1lb. of TSP with 2 gallons of water. Rinse with clean water. New or slick concrete should be chemically etched with muriatic acid and water ( 3 to 1 ) or with a product specifically designed to clean and etch concrete.

Fill all cracks ( up to 1/8" ) with Pro-Patching. Larger cracks must be reinforced with a 4" strip of fiberglass mesh and Pro-Patching.


New plywood decks should be constructed using 5/8" to 3/4 “ ACX, plywood deck. FINISH SIDE UP or CCX PTS (plugged, touch sanded ) if available.

All plywood seams MUST BE properly treated with metal to prevent the deck coating from cracking. Nail metal strip centered over the butted seams. Nail in a criss-cross fashion so metal is in complete contact with deck.

Staple every inch on perimeter edges and every 6-8 inches down middle, (off center) to keep from lifting. Cover metal with Pro-Pac Patching. Fill all holes, knots, and cuts in wood with Patch. Plywood stairs butting a wall must also be metal treated from wall to riser and wall to tread. Seal entire deck surface with Pro-Deck® resin to complete the Deck Preparation stage of the Application Process.


Call Factory for Specific Prep. Instructions

NOTE: Pro-Deck® will not bridge slatted wood decks. These surfaces must be resheeted with plywood finish side up, and the seams treated with metal prior to installing the Pro-Deck® system.


Remove and replace all loose or deteriorated material. Wash with TSP solution (see concrete section) to remove grease, oil etc.


Be sure existing coating is soundly bonded to original surface. Remove loose areas not securely bonded to the deck. Smooth out rough or irregular surfaces

(Birdseed or textured surface) with concrete slurry.


Thoroughly sand all painted surfaces with 80 grit sandpaper to remove as much of the paint as possible


Prime with a rustproof metal primer all guardrail and handrail bases.

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