Texture Applications - Optional Roll-On Technique for applying Texture Coat

In the regular Pro-Deck® System, you would normally mix 1 bag of Aggregate to 1 gallon of resin for a thick mixture that is shot on with a hopper gun.

For your application, you will be doing a roll-on application of texture which is a 2 step procedure. Basically you'll be rolling a thinned down mixture of Pro-Deck® resin and Aggregate over a #20 grit sand base.

To apply sand base, roll out a thin coat of resin on the deck surface to act as a glue and immediately broadcast #20 sand into the wet resin. For uniformity, you can shoot the sand through a dry hopper gun or broadcast it with a grass seeder or broadcast into the resin with a spaghetti colander.

Work a 3 foot wide area at a time so you don't get sand edges or overlapping which will create an high spot. If you do you can always sand or scrape the high spot down. You can get a clean edge by running a strip of rosen paper duct taped to the deck. Create a 3 foot wide by 20 foot long section by taping the paper to the deck. Roll out the resin and immediately broadcast the #20 sand into the resin. When you complete the section remove the rosen paper flipping the excess sand on it onto the sand in the 3x20 section. Move the paper down and repeat until the entire deck surface is covered with sand. Let dry and then blow off, vacuum, or sweep off the excess sand . The deck should look like one giant sheet of sandpaper. Any ridges or high spots, sand or scrape level with the rest of the deck surface. Now you're ready to roll on the texture mixture.

For Roll Formula Mix 1 Bag of Aggreagate with 2 gallons of Resin. Roll out uniformly over the entire deck. A few passes with the roller should create a total uniform look. Let dry and scrape any high spots to remove loose texture.

TOP COAT ….Apply one or two final coats of pure resin over the entire surface… Let dry and you are finished.

Any questions about any step, application, or procedure….please call: 714 990 0859

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