Application Instructions

  1. Surface Preparation
  2. 3-Step System Installation
  3. Texture Applications
  4. Required Tools

All PRO Deck® products are water-based and air-dried. Drying time for all resins is 1 to 2 hours in 70 degree temperatures. All you need to clean up is with soap and water.

DO NOT APPLY if rain is a possibility nor apply in temperatures below 60 degrees. Remember the deck surface especially with concrete is many times MUCH COLDER than the outside air.


Keep product out of the reach of children.

Avoid breathing vapors. Wear a mask when working with fiberglass.

Do not lay fiberglass on windy days.

Flush areas of contact with product with water.

If swallowed DO NOT INDUCE vomiting.

Call a physician immediately.

Never allow product to freeze.

Store in a cool location above 65 degrees.

Don't walk on untextured mat when wet, slippery.


Be sure all flashing and perimeter edge metal are secured with nails or staples.

Apply seam metal over all plywood seams. Wherever two pieces of plywood butt, i.e. stairs/walls use metal flashing.

Patch all metal edges as well as any cuts, voids, or knot-holes in the plywood.

Seal entire deck surface with a coat of PRO Deck® Resin.

Apply Fiberglass Mat
Work one F/G strip at a time. Do not overlap fiberglass, butt seams to within 1/4 inch.
Coverage: 45-50 sq.ft. per gallon.
At deck perimeter edges: bring F/G Mat onto the metal flashing and stop 1/2 inch short of the actual deck edge.

Use a 1/4 inch nap roller. Use first pass of the roller to get the glass to lay flat. Second pass to apply a thick coat of Resin on top of glass mat.


Apply patching compound to all deck perimeter edges and all glass seams where the fiberglass edges butt. Apply patch over metal seams again if they show through the fiberglass mat. Make all repairs and corrections to provide for the smoothest deck surface before applying texture coat. A different colored patch was used in the photos for contrast to highlight the areas of the 2nd deck preparation.


Shoot with a hopper gun: Mix 1 Bag of dry Aggregate with 1 gallon of Resin.

Coverage: 85-90 sq.ft. perr gallon

Roll-on Application: Mix 1 Bag with 2 gallons of Resin. Roll-on 2 thin coats. The first, N/S; the second, E/W for a uniform cris-cross pattern.


After the texture coat dries lightly scrape off any loose texture and then apply final Top Coat with a roller.

Coverage: 125 sq.ft. per gallon


Before doing an actual application, be sure to read the complete set of instructions and discuss any issues of concern with a factory representative.

Always water-test the completed surface for skid-resistance and slipperiness.

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